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Any interest in vintage American dishes?

April 26th, 2015 · 1 Comment

We’re thinning the herd of vintage American dishes from the period just before and after WWII, before the influx of cheap Japanese dishware put the American pottery companies out of business.

Great colors and designs. I doubt they are microwave safe, since almost all predate the microwave era.

Most of these have been collected over the years from thrift shops and rummage sales, a piece or two at a time.

Now we’re cutting down to only a few sets, letting others go, including some favorites.

Free to good homes.

For example, there’s a set of these Metlox Poppytrail plates, made in California.

There are four or five 10″ plates, four 7-1/2″ plates, and four smaller salad plates, 6-1/4″.

Any interest?

Any interest?

There’s also a stack of Russel Wright plates and a couple of bowls, various sizes and colors. May be a few other odds and ends.

Any interest?

And a box with quite a number of Vernon Kiln plates and bowls in their “Organdie” pattern, and at least one other pattern that uses slightly different colors. If you’re interested, I can do a count.

Any interest?

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It’s only about 26 miles from Kaaawa to Kahala

April 26th, 2015 · 7 Comments

Two things.

First: We’re moving.

The second thing is related to the first: Our house in Kaaawa will be for sale soon. (**See the note at the bottom of this post.)

There. I’ve said it.

After 27 wonderful years in Kaaawa–including 19 years during which nearly every day has started with a walk to the beach at dawn, visiting dogs throughout the neighborhood (and sometimes their people)– we’re in the process of moving back into Honolulu.

To be more specific, we’re moving back to the house in Kahala that my parents bought in about 1942 and lived for 70 years, where my sister and I grew up, and where we regularly returned to visit my parents during their long lives. Well, not exactly the same house, as we’re just finishing extensive renovations to 1940-era structure, mostly within the original footprint.

We’ve actually been slowly moving for a while, mentally and physically, taking small steps as the renovations were being done, but the big move–when the furniture and, most importantly, the cats, shift locations–is coming soon.

It’s a small move in terms of distance, only about 26 miles, but in many other ways it’s a very big move, from the relative country to the city.

It’s the difference between a 15 or 20-minute drive to the nearest supermarket, to having two supermarkets just a half-mile or so up the street. But it’s also the difference between a mixed neighborhood with a sense of community, and a far less diverse area where walls are more common than neighborly bonds.

Our friends and neighbors in Kaaawa have known for a while, but we didn’t share the fact more widely, in part because although we made our decision nearly two years ago, it’s taken time to emotionally adjust to the prospect.

Many of you have helped us along the way with your suggestions on everything from renovating an old wood floor to the choice of appliances, and your input was much appreciated. And, yes, we did rescue the original floor, which came out looking far better than an we ever expected!

But leaving Kaaawa is difficult, and the prospect still gives rise to very mixed emotions.

We have close friends who have moved many times in their adult lives, and we salute you. This has, quite obviously, not been our pattern, and we’re finding the move quite daunting.

Here are before and after (almost done) views of the Kahala house, before (probably late 1950s) and this year. You’ll notice that in the 50’s, the house was surrounded by coconut trees. But as the trees got taller and it got more expensive to trim and care for them, my parents removed them. Not visible in the recent photo are the large back yard and the two big mango trees that still shade the back of the house, one planted when my sister was born and the other when I was born.


On Kealaolu Avenue


On Kealaolu Avenue

**(NOTE: That’s a very broad hint. If you know of anyone who might be interested in buying in Kaaawa, with over 20,000 feet of land located well above the flood and tsunami zones, let me know. Money can be saved all around with a deal before we list the house on the open market.)

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A moment of calm on Sunday morning

April 26th, 2015 · 2 Comments

After the rather heated discussions of the past couple of days, it seems appropriate to start the day with a moment of calm.

Swanzy Beach Park in Kaaawa, just after the sun made its appearance.

As usual, just click on the photo to see a larger version.

By the way, in the original version, Swanzy Beach Park was highjacked by the autocorrect in MarsEdit, the blogging software that I use. Without a warning, Swanzy became “Swanky.” And it happened again as I was typing this explanation. Arghh (which autocorrect attempted to replace with “agree”.)

Swanzy Beach Park

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Response from the Mauna Kea Hui

April 25th, 2015 · 7 Comments

The following statement was received on Friday evening.

We wish to respond to the activities of the person calling themselves “Kealoha Iona.”  He is not the spokesperson for the Mauna Kea Hui (MKhui) or the Mauna Kea ’Ohana (MK’Ohana).  We learned of him (then using the name Kamahana Iona) only recently near the October 7th Mauna Kea events.  We had never met him before. He has been misrepresenting our positions by claiming to be the spokesperson of the MKhui in Press Releases and has even gone so far as to pretend to be Ms. Kealoha Pisciotta including changing his name to “Kealoha” which we understand is a family name but not his legal name. He previously threatened many of the MKHui and ‘Ohana members verbally and has threatened some of us with physical injury and harm. 

Finding compassion and healing: We would also like to share that Kamahana has also apologized to some of us for some for his more extreme behavior and has expressed his difficulty with the Kapu Aloha. He came up to the Mauna to ask us for forgiveness. We have continued to extend our Aloha and compassion to help where we can.

However, despite our willingness to help we DO NOT support any of his negative and hostile activities that obviously run contrary to the Kapu Aloha and other key principles of the Aloha ‘Aina movement.  All people must be responsible for their behavior in relation to the Kapu Aloha or out of it as well.

We are saddened by this whole situation…but we must ask please help us to uphold our compassion, our peace and our Aloha especially in the face of the adversity and violence…please join us  in focusing our prayers on Aloha and peace for Hawai`i and the World.

In Aloha We Remain,

Kealoha Pisciotta
Primary Spokesperson for the MKHui and the MK’Ohana
April 24, 2015

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Feline Friday: Better late than never

April 24th, 2015 · No Comments

Just after 5 a.m.Yes, it’s late on Friday afternoon, and the Friday Felines are only now making their weekly appearance. My day just got too filled with chasing other things. Apologies to those who missed their critter fix for the week.

And I thought I would share what mealtime is like. I took this picture while getting set up for the cats’ breakfast this morning. All six are in the photo. On the counter, to the left, Wally and Kili. On the floor, Duke (closest to the camera) and Romeo. On the stool, next to counter on the right, Ms. Annie. And in the background, on the dining table, Mr. Toby.

You may have to click on the photo and check the larger version in order to see all of them.

Things get exciting when I open up the containers with different types of dry cat food. There’s the diabetic, low-carb food that I try to push towards Duke and Kili. There’s the special food for those with urinary issues that goes to Romeo, Toby, and Ms. Annie. She doesn’t need it, but she seems to prefer it.

Of course, after the first round of gobbling, the game of musical chairs begins. Usually Duke nudges some other cat out of their dish, and then it begins, one displacing another until the first round of food is gone

After that, pretty much disorderly conduct.

–> See all of this week’s Friday Felines (and apologies for their late appearance!).

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